Hello friend! Or as we usually say in real life ... HAIIIIIIII!!!!!!! We are so glad you're here.

We started Empowered and Free in the winter of 2018, originally as a way to bring all the inspiring women and wellness influencers we admire together for an Instagram takeover... and then we wanted to keep the energy flowing so we decided to officially launch our Chicago based event and retreat business!

We love hosting in person events because there’s something so powerful and transformative about being together in an intimate circle with other like minded women. Walls and boundaries go down, connection and community starts to form, and we end up feeling even more empowered and supported to live life as the most powerful, happy, and REAL versions of ourselves.

So who are we anyway?

Amanda @amandakatherineloy is a health coach, podcaster, dog mom, and actor here in Chicago, and she is passionate about helping fellow goofy go-getters ditch the diet and find joy in fitness. She’s a pro at turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and connection, including her recent BRCA1+ diagnosis. Her superpowers are confidence, courage, and consistency. “Live your FUCK YES life” is her mission!
Anna is a certified life coach @annamarialocke as well as a health and fitness mentor @annainspiresjoy for high achieving women who are ready to release perfectionism and fear, develop a positive inner relationship with themselves, and feel at home in their bodies and businesses. She’s passionate about bringing more flow and feminine energy to the personal development//success industry and teaching women how to tap into their hormones to “Cycle Sync” their lives.

We are opposite in many ways, most notably our energy (can you guess who is the extrovert?) but share the same mission to show women just how strong, beautiful, and powerful we can be when we get out of our own way and decide to play FULL OUT for our dreams.

We can't wait to get to know YOU!

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